7 reasons to try a 31 Day Vegan Challenge.

1. You learn to say “No” without feeling guilty. Being offered that pastry with the filling you absolutely detest? No thank you. Being offered that drink that ordinarily makes you gag? No thank you.

The ease with which that word flows is confusing at first. Your mind doesn’t register but the comfort you feel takes over. You have a challenge to complete and trying to be polite by saying “Yes” isn’t going to get you to the win you want. This challenge gives any permission you feel needed to use those two letters as frequently as you want.

2. You are forced to pay attention to what you put in your body. Google becomes your best friend. “What is golden syrup really made of?” or “What is calcium chloride and should I be consuming it?” are a couple of questions you’ll want an answer to.
The amount of attention and detail paid to what you’re about to consume forces you to enjoy what you eventually choose.

3. You eat a lot more fruit and vegetables. Let’s get one thing straight; I find eating fruit an effort and vegetables are not delicious to my taste buds. And yet, here I am, cutting my fruits making fruit salad and boiling vegetables at eight in the morning on a Saturday. What’s the strangest part of this? I’m craving it. I’m hungry. H-U-N-G-R-Y. So obviously I’m going to make an effort to eat.

4. This hunger leads me to my next point. You’re always hungry. Always. Until you figure out where the best places are to fill your house with vegan friendly products, you’re going to try live off fruits, vegetables and quite possibly bread. Oh, and beans. Do not forget beans. For protein.

5. You appreciate and promise yourself that you will not take the foods you love for granted anymore (once your challenge is over). That chocolate you used to gobble down because you knew you could get another slab by snapping your fingers? (I know it’s not that easy but…) The second hotdog wasn’t necessary but it was there so why not?
Now, you’ll pretend that vegan chocolate made from avocado is as melt-in-your-mouth delightful as normal chocolate.

6. Chocolate and cheese. Chocolate cake, cheese sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, chocolate. You’ll make a mental list of all the foods you miss. And all the foods you feel aren’t worth giving up forever. In case you missed it, mine is chocolate and cheese (eaten separately if I remember correctly).

7. You appreciate having choice. Because unless you’re lucky enough to live near vegan friendly restaurants, normal restaurants are not equipped enough. When your biggest variety is a choice of 2 meals, one being soup and the other being a sandwich your thoughts are:

“At least I have a choice.”



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