When you quieten the Ego and listen to the Soul.

The other day I found myself craving the outdoors so I went for a run in ice cold weather (okay, I’m exaggerating, it wasn’t ice cold, just freezing and it wasn’t a run, it was a walk) just to be outside in nature surrounded by puppies. And I definitely felt better. Is this what people mean by getting grounded and listening to your soul rather than your ego?

It’s amazing what happens when you start recognising the difference between your ego talking and your soul talking. I find myself more and more saying, “this is my Ego talking. I’m not going to listen. It can just chill.” Literally. Sometimes out loud. And as soon as I recognise this (my Ego talking not the out loud part) I feel a sense of calm over me. So, what’s this about?

I’m learning more and more that our Ego is what keeps us in fear or a state of need. It doesn’t allow us to feel satisfied nor does it allow us to be calm. It’s easily bruised by others and always ready for war. Let me also say this – in today’s world, our Ego is protective and drives us and sometimes this is not a bad thing. But it has its place. In the corner. At the back of the house. Or maybe outside on the grass where it can be grounded. Our Ego keeps us awake and alert but if overly used it also keeps us mistrusting, paranoid and anxious.

What’s the alternative? Listening to our Soul talking. And in today’s world, this seems a lot harder than it needs to be. Once we however strip away all expectations society (and ourselves) place on us we start understanding our true essence or life purpose. And it really has very little to do with the car you drive or who wins what argument. I find that when I listen to my Soul talking things just fall into place; I’m calmer and more relaxed and I remember that I can relax because it’s just life after all.

Still not making sense?

Ego says, “Yes, it’s life. It’s everything. You have to take everything about it seriously. That person wanted to hurt you on purpose. You failed 10 years ago so you’ll continue failing. People are laughing at you. People are talking about you. You’ll look silly if you do that.”

Soul says, “You’re here to learn so there cannot be a mistake. Everything is a learning. Everyone is here to learn. You’re more than what your or others opinion say. You have an essence and true self that cannot be damaged by you or others.”

Now regardless of whether or not you actually believe in soul and ego, I’d in any case much rather listen to the Soul. It seems less stressful. And to do this requires constant pausing and checking in. “Why am I feeling so upset by this? Is it that important to me? How else can I deal with this?”

Your Soul makes you learn that while it’s good to have dreams and goals, your self worth is not determined by achieving them; it teaches you forgiveness of yourself and others quicker than your Ego and it teaches you about unconditional love for self and others. The more you listen to your Soul the more your dreams and goals will come from within and not from society or other external factors. And things will flow easily. Your Soul allows you to feel free. Your Soul allows you to make the decisions best for you while your Ego can drive you to make the decisions best for no one.

When decisions or things happen from a place of fear, that’s your Ego talking. When things happen from a place of awareness, that’s your Soul talking. “Yes, I’m angry because I feel hurt. So let me feel it and then let it go. And then deal with the issue.” Your Ego would say, “You’re angry and it’s not cool. That person is horrible and terrible and wanted to hurt you on purpose. You can never trust them.” And you’ll most likely not deal with the issue either. Nor resolve the problem.

Your Soul says, “It’s about you and other.”
Your Ego says, “It’s only about you.”

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