A letter of Reflection.

Dear You

5 years. To the Day. That’s how long I’ve been writing these blogs and that’s how long you’ve been reading them. I can only thank you and hope it’s had some sort of positive impact. And to myself…WOW! The level of growth and healing and awareness has been an excruciatingly painful journey; with times of me wondering if I’d make it to the next pause in the journey.

On reflection, this has been a big lesson so far: The journey to self care or self love or whatever you want to call it is filled with lessons constantly testing if you have actually learnt anything. I wish for you, that as one who has been with me on this journey, you too have experienced more ups than downs and if you feel like there’s been too many downs, are able to ask yourself what learnings are you missing that’s preventing you from forging ahead.

As I reflect in this letter to you, I can say these are my learnings that I’m currently working on and I believe that the last 5 years has brought me to this point for a reason:

Always, Always, Always go through the pain. I used to run from my feelings and emotions, thinking they’d make me weak. I am learning though that it’s not the feelings that make you weak but how you deal or handle them that determines your strength. I always used to wonder how one “deals” with things. Do you just keep feeling it until you can no longer feel or until the feelings become less? The truth is that to deal with anything you have to acknowledge that it’s there, by feeling whatever you need to and then in order to let it go, allowing yourself to mourn. Mourn whatever you must; this is the path to letting go.

Love. This is a topic I hardly write about. And yet it’s probably the most important ideology we all experience and need. And this love is in all shapes and sizes; it’s in the way you deal with a homeless person, the way you deal with a colleague or friend or partner. Love for yourself being as important as love for others. Unconditional love being the ultimate goal.

As I continue down this path I can only want you to continue it with me however nothing is permanent and if you stop, that’s okay. If you go down a different journey, may you be able to look back and feel only positive influences from these blogs. And if you stay and continue travelling by my side, may we only experience more growth and awareness with every blog I write and every blog you read.

I am grateful for taking this leap of faith of pouring myself into your cup and for you holding me safely. I am grateful for you who sharing your vulnerabilities with me as openly as I’m learning to share it with you. I am grateful for the trust I can place in your eyes as you read my words.

May you only feel Love, Light and Peace as you continue on your journey.

To the next 5 years.


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