Golden second chances.

That’s what I believe this year is teaching me.

I had a (pre) cancer scare and when I found out I was out of the woods I didn’t take it for granted. I was already eating healthier; gymming not so much (don’t judge me, it’s cold!) but grateful that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. This process though brought up many emotions for me and made me reflect on the support I have or do not have in my life and how important people are to me and to my wellbeing. I shed a lot. A lot of built up emotions; let go of hoping for people to change towards me; and in this finding my voice.

This year has given me the second chance to work through my unresolved emotions; to accept any resentment, anger and sadness, to mourn the lack of love, support and stability I felt like I didn’t have at certain points in my life and from certain individuals I wanted to receive it from and then let go of this negative build up. It’s allowed me to create the boundaries required and the second chance to learn to know what love actually is and how to love myself.

Then there was the second chance of people re-entering my life. A few people who featured in my life many moons ago made an entrance and the conversations and bonding time is not taken for granted. Thank you for coming back into my life. Thank you for the second chance of our relationships growing deeper because of what we’ve been through.

This followed by those second chances that are given to test you; like having to deal with the same personality type until you’re no longer triggered OR having recurring bad news (not in my control and not about me) show up until I have nothing left to do but show love and accept the inevitable.

Second chances come in so many different ways and I believe it’s something we really cannot be taking for granted. My biggest appreciation is being able to make amends to wrongs I did eons ago or accepting a friend for the second time or renewing an interest once lost.

A second chance is special. A golden opportunity to do something the way you would have wanted it done the first time. And sometimes we get a second chance every day, simply because it’s a new day.

Second chances remind us not to take anyone for granted.

Second chances remind us not to take anything for granted.

Second chances remind us that we can be who we want to be and have what we want because we’re not the same people we were yesterday or a year ago.

Don’t waste your second chance.

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