Quiet Heart of Optimism.

I’ve read many different opinions on what we should be doing while many of us are under lockdown. This ranges from improving yourself, doing all the things you’ve been meaning to do to doing nothing and resting.

I have moved from one extreme to the other in this range. From doing nothing (a.k.a. resting) to working, exercising and studying online courses at all pretty much the same time. Going with the flow really. For the first time ever. Because…we can’t really do much else, right? If your body is saying it needs rest, you can give it rest. If your mind is saying it needs to be stimulated by a course or books, you can give it that. In fact, if your whole being is saying that it needs to do nothing; well for the most part this can happen too.

And while many are struggling to juggle between work and home life as they’re being meshed into one, they’re also being forced to look after themselves more…through boundaries and re-evaluating what’s top priority in that moment, not in the past or the future, but in that precise moment.

It’s taken the world to fall apart for us to finally be present.

The world has played a trick on us: While we think we can choose what to do during this time, we actually are in very little control of anything except our attitude. What has this forced us to do? Think about boundaries more; be present; evaluate what’s truly important to us besides toilet paper and bread; and rest.

And for many, last year was a tough year; emotionally, mentally, physically and quite possibly financially too. We looked forward to the future of 2020; because at the time, we thought nothing could be worse than 2019…Enter 2020.
In reality, all 2019 did was prepare us for what’s happening right now. Through all that turmoil we went through individually, we became stronger to face what’s currently happening together. I do not want to go back to last year. I learnt what I needed to and I hope you did too. I want to carry on moving forward into this year; into the changes we’ll face and into a new kind of living that only something like a worldwide pandemic could bring about. We’re living through history in the present times. Nothing, except our attitude, is in our control; so we might as well enjoy the now as is.

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