The learnings from a 3 year old.

I read a story last week (I don’t even know how I got there but thanks to whichever social media platform took me to that site!) about a three year old, angry at her mother, describing forgiveness. And even after a week I could not shake off the story.


Because in one sentence, this little one encapsulated my years of trying to understand, describe and explain forgiveness.

And it really is just getting rid of that tummy ache in your heart.

Not only are you trying to get rid of a physical pain that’s created (when I’m sad my heart or chest physically hurts) but also letting go of trying to prove that you’re right and the other person was wrong. Letting go of trying to show the other person the hurt or pain they’ve caused. It’s a whole series of releasing stuff physically, emotionally and mentally.

On top of all this, there’s the learning that forgiveness is a win-win situation. It’s for your benefit as much as it is for the other person’s. Continuously having a tummy ache in your heart will cause more and more pain over time (think of an old bitter human being who’s nickname may be grumps or grumpy…we all know one…or two…or three…) and how they’ve ended up this way because they hold grudges galore. Meanwhile, the other person has probably forgotten about what happened…enter more bitterness here because how dare they not remember that word they said to you twenty years ago?

What she also taught us, is to share how you feel and stand your ground (literally…maybe not always on a bed or with hands on hips but you get the idea) because how you feel is not right or wrong. It’s just how you feel.

And lastly…as this little one so aptly did, when you care about someone, even when they’re wrong, you’ll forgive them.

You can read the full story here:

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