Thank you for this Blog and Thank you for You.

In starting off the new year by being grateful for everything (yes, everything) and by trying to find the joy in it all I decided to take a look at how and when this blog started and if any of those “universe” questions had been answered.

Looking back, I can definitely say more questions than answers were raised but I received a sense of excited astonishment in seeing the length of time this blog has continued and to all those individuals who have read them from the beginning (and still manage to get through it all) – I thank you and appreciate you truly and deeply.

Some of the thoughts that still keep me reflecting are discussed in the blogs below; the other blogs listed are a reminder to my friends/family on how much I really do value you and am extremely grateful for everything you do.

These are some of my favourites over the years so far (I reserve the right to change my mind at any point):

What type of gym-goer are you?

Foolish beliefs

Good friends are hard to find.

Dear Universe, this is what I want.

What my friends have done for me

For my love of music and memories

To value time and uncomfortable zones

Who is important to you?

Stop adulting. Start expecting.

The pause for 2017.

Love, Light and Happiness for 2017 🙂

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